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Redmi Note 9S Review

The Redmi Note 9S is Redmi latest offering in the mid range, and while it is not a direct successor to the very impressive Redmi Note 8 Pro, it definitely offers a huge upgrade from the Redmi Note 8, with a new Snapdragon 720G versus the Snapdragon 665 in the latter. But of course, a smartphone isn just about its chipset, so let see if the Redmi Note 9S has what it takes to be the next go to mid range smartphone.

If you don feel like reading the full review, you can also watch our video review of the Redmi Note 9S.

The Redmi Note 9S packaging isn the most interesting one, but it does its job. You cover samsung tablet e 9.6 get a full image of the device, although I am quite interested to know if the other color options custodia samsung s6 rugged will come with a different colored image, but since we cover iphone 5s stussy received the Interstellar Grey variant, it matches.

In the box are the usual suspects, you cover samsung 6s get a blacked out TPU case, the SIM ejector tool and also the usual documentation. I appreciate that Redmi is actually giving us 18W fast charging in the Redmi Note 9S, and huawei p8 lite 2017 hoesje instead of just giving cover iphone 6 neymar us an 18W charger, there actually a 22.5W fast charger in the box. I did fancy the Redmibranding in the bottom chin of the Redmi Note 8 though, but that didn make the cut here. It cover iphone x divertenti might have been for a cleaner look though, as Redmi dropped the colored accents around the screen too.

Redmi went with a plastic frame again, but thankfully they had the sense to use a matte finish here. It feels absolutely solid though, so I have zero cover samsung j5 2017 pop socket complaints here. The fingerprint scanner is also moved here, integrated into the power button. This seems like a trend for any non OLED smartphone recently, but I am not complaining.

TheInterstellar Grey variant back is actually a bit bluer than I expected. It a very light shade of grey with a hint of blue and a surprising amount of depth to the mirror like finish. I really like it as it looks good without going for cheap gimmicky motifs, but instead went with a cover iphone 6 quale scegliere 2016 process that Redmi claims to be a micron level texture design with a 20 step process. I am a fan of the finish, so I guess the effort paid off The Redmi Note 9S back is made of Gorilla Glass 5, to give it more scratch resistance than its peers with plastic backs. On top of that, the quad camera is now positioned in the center of the device, so that should avoid the wobbling issues that most smartphones today face.

The bottom edge is home to the headphone jack and cover iphone 7 star wars USB C port. You can also spot that slight beveled edge that glossy just to give the Redmi Note 9S a few extra style points. Qualcomm must have fallen asleep at the wheel when giving the Snapdragon 720G its name, as it is more akin to a Snapdragon 735 or 731 rather than something that slots below the Snapdragon 730.

In Antutu, we see exactly that. The Redmi Note 9S comes up on top of the Mi Note 10, although it doesn exactly deliver enough grunt to defeat the Redmi cover samsung j3 2017 in silicone Note 8 Pro.

CPU performance sees the Redmi Note 9S come up on top of the Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Mi Note 10. This is even more curious as the Snapdragon 720G packs Kryo custodia cover samsung a50 465cores which you would expect to not be as powerful as theKryo 470cores in the Mi Note 10 Snapdragon 730G chipset. Oh well.

It also packs more GPU horsepower, although both the Snapdragon 730G and Snapdragon 720G come with Adreno 618 GPUs. The specifications for the Redmi Note 9S lists the Adreno 618 with a 750 MHz clock speed kwmobile cover samsung s3 neo while the Mi Note 10 lists a 700 MHz clock speed for its GPU. cover samsung sm t555 So maybe that 50 MHz difference along with the difference in CPU performance gives it the advantage we see here.

No such advantage is evident in PCMark though, cover samsung galaxy s7 edge probably because the Redmi Note 9S has 1/3 the RAM in the Mi Note 10. PCMark does put great value on RAM, so the lesser RAM will definitely result in poorer scores.

Aside from performance, the Redmi Note 9S also delivers awesome battery life figures. It worth noting that the Redmi Note 9S packs the largest battery for any Snapdragon 720G smartphone launched to date, so it should hold on to its lofty position for quite some time in the mid range segment. The Mi Note 10 slightly larger battery, lower clocked custodia cover iphone 11 pro CPU and GPU cores as well as the AMOLED display may have helped it gain the lead here.

I managed to cover samsung galaxi j4 + clock nearly 8 hours of screen on time from 100% to 15%, which is absolutely amazing. It seems like the Snapdragon 720G is really quite efficient, although it is worth noting that because of the RMO, I was using WiFi most of the time. And due to the humongous battery here, even 18W fast charging isn exactly fast enough. It regained a mere 32% in 30 minutes, but then again 32% should still be enough to last you through at least half a working day.

40 fps cap in PUBG Mobile

Now, gaming performance. A lot of people samsung hoesjes in the community really like to comment on the gaming performance in the mid cover store iphone 6 range segment, because honestly, there not a single game that can make a flagship sweat today. The Redmi Note cover griffate iphone 7 9S is capped to 40 fps in PUBG Mobile but you can easily get 60 fps in COD Mobile even at the Highgraphics setting, which is excellent.

User ExperienceLet start off by agreeing that Redmi is playing it relatively safe with the Redmi Note 9S. There are no fancy over the top designs here. Performance wise, they just took the latest mid range chipset from Qualcomm and packed it into the Redmi Note 9S. There also no 90 Hz display that some of the competition is boasting about, but I will elaborate more on that later.

While it lacks the fancy features that I mentioned earlier, the display on the Redmi Note 9S is just beautiful. Colors are plenty vivid, and the punch hole is actually quite close to the edge, giving you more screen area that usable. And while the 6.67 size might seem daunting, the slim bezels make the Redmi Note 9S relatively manageable even in one handed use. I noted cover samsung grand prime ebay some backlight bleed along the edges of my review unit though, and surprisingly it is visible along the edges of the entire screen, but it is relatively mild…

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